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Moto Québec lives of passion, new experiences and action! That's why we want to become the # 1 source of information for all motorcyclists in Quebec. With our strong professional support and passionate community that shares our love of the sport, we take the road with each of our members and remain a valued partner throughout their journey.

Our mission

We want to help our members improve their motorcycle experience, awaken and nurture their passion for the sport we love.

Get to know us better

The Moto Québec's motorcycle association is a young organization created in 2019 by the Quebec Road Safety Education Foundation and Tecnic Driving Schools. Despite our young age, we are already the largest motorcycle association in Quebec!

The goal was to create an inclusive association for all motorcycle enthusiasts, regardless of the style, riding experience and brand of motorcycle or three wheelers they own. We want to become the reference for motorcyclists with professional and credible advice on road safety, information on the most beautiful roads, trips, maintenance and tips on your next purchase as well as news from the industry.

Why become a member of Moto Québec

Moto Quebec not only provides you with exclusive offers and discounts, but also allows experienced motorcyclists to share their knowledge by creating a community. We are the ultimate portal to learn about industry news, while also offering advanced motorcycle driving courses and road safety training.

Benefits of being a Moto Québec member

Moto Quebec, motorcycle is in our DNA!

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